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When it comes to CEO here at DePaul, there are numerous benefits. CEO is a student organization that invigorates the entrepreneurial spirit within DePaul’s student body by creating an environment that demystifies the idea of entrepreneurship and encourages individuals to pursue their dreams. Through our chapter, students receive a number of perks such as job opportunities, access to mentorship with successful entrepreneurs, resources to launch startups, networking, the option to participate in pitch competitions and much more.

Being able to learn from individuals who have been successful in their own entrepreneurial endeavors is one of the biggest assets this group has to offer. Learning the do’s and don’ts of starting your own business from people who have actually done it can be an advantage to you when starting your own business. The insight those have gained from CEO members regarding their entrepreneurial experiences has changed the way they now think about business interactions and endeavors.

Benefits to Joining a Student Organization

Joining a student organization allows members to not only experience academia in a classroom setting but also in the real world. For students who want to pursue a unique opportunity by starting their own business, textbook examples may not always be relevant. Being able to share ideas with other entrepreneurs and learn from their successes and mistakes is why being part of this organization is so helpful. The connections you form in such student organizations are connections you will keep for years to come.

Why Entrepreneurship is Important

Entrepreneurship is extremely important. The past few years have changed the world and the business community tremendously. Employers, employees, and individuals are all trying to adjust to this different way of working. The nine-to-five workday is not the process or norm for most now. Entrepreneurship is growing as people try to navigate this new workforce. There is so much room to be creative and start your own path in this new work environment.

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