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Interview with Jake Bolger, founder of Spin Squared

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Music drives workout intensity. So, what if an exercise session featured live music, or an entire DJ concert? That's how Spin Squared aims to transform group fitness.

Jake Bolger is the founder of Spin^2, a unique workout experience that combines the rush of indoor cycling with live DJing in a fun, social atmosphere.

The event-like sessions are led by one cycling instructor and one DJ, who work together to engage participants through various stages of the workout. Participants pedal to fast-paced electronic music, which sets the pace for the group.

“It’s more than an exercise – Spin Squared is a whole experience,” said Jake. “The ultimate vision for Spin^2 is a concert-like feel, with party lights and smoke effects in a large room or venue.”

📸 Spin Squared

Through his connections at DePaul Campus Recreation, Jake hosted his first Spin Squared session this past quarter with great success. An initial “test run” of the concept, Jake plans to work with Campus Recreation to soon make Spin Squared its own class offering, open to students and members at DePaul’s Ray Meyer Fitness Center.

Jake is currently a senior at DePaul studying business management. He has served as Treasurer for DePaul’s club hockey team over the past three years, making executive decisions around finances and coaching for the organization. Jake is also a fitness instructor.

Q: Where did the idea for Spin Squared come from?

Jake: “It started when I was talking with a friend over winter. We were discussing, what if we were to bring a DJ to a spinning class? How would that elevate the atmosphere? “Spin Squared” was one name that came up in conversation, and it simply gained traction from there.

Through one of my entrepreneurship classes, I soon found myself building out a business plan. As I worked through the idea, I began considering my own resources: I was already a spin instructor, I had strong connections within DePaul’s Campus Recreation, and I had a friend who DJs.

With the encouragement of my friends, this all acted as the trigger for me to bring Spin Squared to life.”

Q: How did you put the idea into action?

Jake: “Using my connections at DePaul Campus Recreation, I obtained the space needed for a ‘test run’ of the event concept. The first Spin Squared event was held on March 16th, in Lincoln Park.

With one of my good friends DJing and myself leading the group, I invited a few of my friends to participate in this first session. Another friend of mine shot footage throughout the class. The goal was to obtain everyone’s feedback on the experience, and the attendee response to the session was very positive.”

Q: How validating was that first session for you, about the event concept?

Jake: “It gave me a huge boost of confidence, especially after seeing the promo content my friend made. I felt a strong sense of accomplishment then, and I want to continue building on that.

I am currently in conversation with Campus Recreation to make Spin Squared what’s called a themed specialty class, available to members at the Ray Meyer Fitness Center.

Additionally, thanks to a class I am taking this spring, I’m able to dedicate 25 volunteer hours to Spin Squared this spring quarter. I’m very excited about this, as it gives me more time to build out my vision.”

Q: As an entrepreneur, what’s a specific skill that has helped you along the way?

Jake: “Personally, I’m a huge time management guy. Having a schedule is super important, which I feel may not be a typical answer for entrepreneurs.

For me, it’s about developing a routine: wake up at the same time every morning, read for the same amount of time, meditate for five minutes – sticking with it helps you build persistence towards good habits.

Entrepreneurship can be a hustle. I believe having a schedule is game changing, and knowing when to take a break.”

Q: What is your favorite part of being an entrepreneur?

Jake: “It has to be the thrill, and the adrenaline you get. Entrepreneurship is almost like hanging off an edge; you don’t know if your idea is going to be good or not, at the outset. You need to execute to find out, and learn.

Entrepreneurship isn’t only about the successes, but also the failures. You’re going to encounter the bad times and the good times. So, dealing with different types of scenarios has to be one of the most important aspects that has shaped me, professionally.”

Q: What key activities would you recommend entrepreneurs invest their time in?

Jake: “I’m a firm believer in having a healthy, beneficial routine. Obviously, everyone’s ideal routine is different – people live their own lives. Stay consistent, and if that routine involves building a business, do stick with it. It’s only going to help in the long run on your own entrepreneurial journey.”

To be the first to know about future Spin Squared sessions at DePaul, follow them on Instagram @spin_squared, or DePaul Campus Rec. To reach out to Jake, you can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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